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Selenite Wand (Small)

Selenite Wand (Small)

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A wonderful soothing and calming crystal for cleansing and charging your aura, space or crystals! Selenite clears blocked, congested, stagnant and negative energies. A high vibrational crystal to connect to the angelic realm. An excellent stone to use in protection grids. Activates the Crown, Third Eye, and Soul Star Chakras.

Tips: If you've had a stressful day, give yourself a "energy shower" with the wand. Start at your third eye and place the wand about 3 inches away from you. Work your way down through all of your chakras and your energy will be uplifted and renewed. You can also place the wand on your chest to stabilize emotions, soothe and relieve anxiety, panic attacks and stress. 

**Note: Do not get this crystal wet or leave in the sun as it will cause damage

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