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Pistachio Calcite Moon

Pistachio Calcite Moon

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Pistachio Calcite stimulates the Heart Chakra and the healing ability of the physical body. It brings a sense of freshness and vitality to the mind, body and spirit and assists one in regaining one’s sense of purpose and possibility. It brings a fresh energy into any room or environment and is especially helpful for those with seasonal depression during the winter season.

Pistachio Calcite can assist in removing past patterns around relationships and emotional attachment and can help one open more fully to Divine Love. It brings a softness to the heart and can help to foster forgiveness and the release of grudges or resentment toward others. It stimulates compassion and a willingness to share Love with others. 

Calcite is a "Growth Crystal" and is a powerful conduit of the earth's Life Force of birth, development, and creation, and of the power of nature's constant renewal. It is a potent aid in nurturing, whether of fledgling family relationships or a new business venture. This crystal is perfect for keeping a venture on course, a project on schedule, and life on track. 

Approximate Size: 2" x 4.5"

Please note that each crystal is one of a kind and due to the nature of our products, each piece is unique. Therefore, can slightly vary in colour and hue due to screen resolution.
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