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Cleanse And Clear Spray

Cleanse And Clear Spray

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As you know, everything on this earth is made up of energy and throughout the day we easily pickup energy like an energetic sponge, through interactions, social media, television, crowds, the grocery store, work etc. and it can leave us feeling anxious, stressed, depleted and burnt out.

This quick fix is a powerful and purifying aura spray that helps create a protective and grounding shield while bringing strength and balance back into your energy field. It removes any unwanted, negative or stagnant energy and leaves you feeling refreshed, calm, and re-energized with its woodsy and citrusy grounding aroma.

You can also use this spray for ceremonies, rituals, cleansing your divination tools, if you're moving into a new home, between interactions with people or if you're feeling anxious, worried or stressed from sensory overload.

Crafted with lunar energy and infused with a clear quartz crystals and reiki energy healing to help boost healing properties.

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