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Ignite Your Intuition Course

Ignite Your Intuition Course

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Do you struggle hearing your intuition? Are you constantly being told you're too emotional and sensitive? Are you tired of second guessing your gut feelings? Are you on your spiritual journey and have no idea where to even begin? Do you want to understand your intuitive abilities and enhance your gifts?

We live in challenging, chaotic and busy times which makes it difficult to really tap in and listen to our inner guidance. Your intuition is an incredibly powerful tool and your sensitivity is your superpower! However, because of societal conditioning and programming, sometimes it gets lost.

This intuitive development course is to be done at your own pace and whatever feels comfortable. 

What You'll Learn:
• What intuition is
• Deciphering your voice of fear from your voice of intuition
• Spiritual hygiene techniques and practices (grounding, cleansing, protecting)
• The chakra system and the intuitive signals they give your body
• How to connect, enhance and strengthen your intuition
• Discover and learn all about your intuitive abilities
• How to activate and increase your abilities
• A wide variety of intuitive development practices and exercises to enhance your gifts
• How to set energetic boundaries with the spirit world
• How to safely connect and communicate with the spirit world
• Learn different types of divination tools and practices
• The different types of spirit guides

This Course Is For You If:
• You struggle with how to listen and follow your intuition and are tired of second guessing your gut feelings
 • You are feeling completely lost, stuck and trapped on your spiritual journey and have no idea where to begin
 • You are constantly told you're too emotional and sensitive and get anxiety out of nowhere and don't know why
 • You struggle and get overwhelmed easily trying to make decisions and want to have more confidence again
 • You constantly feel mentally and physically exhausted, drained, depleted and overstimulated
 • You feel lost in life and want more clarity to your path and purpose
 • You desire to understand your intuitive abilities so you can enhance your gifts and be more empowered

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