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Field Of Florals Pendulum

Field Of Florals Pendulum

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Pendulums are divination tool that helps you connect with your intuition. The truth is, we are all much wiser than we give ourselves credit for and we all have access to our intuition. Within us, flows an infinite source of wisdom that we can sync up with. But sometimes, a little help from a pendulum, can bring things into clearer focus.

Programming your pendulum: 
When using your pendulum, you will want to start by grounding and centring yourself. You will dangle it out infront of you from the chain with your dominant hand. You will then ask it to show you what yes, no and maybe is as everyones signs will be different. Start off by asking your pendulum questions that you already know are 100% true. Then ask your pendulum a question that is not true.

Once you develop a relationship with your pendulum and understand how it communicates with you, you can ask it questions that you’re needing more guidance, clarity and answers to by tapping deeper into your intuition. 

Each pendulum comes with an instruction guide if you are new to using this divination tool! 

This pendulum comes with rose quartz crystals casted in the pendulum. Due to each piece being unique and one of a kind, placement and colour of florals, botanicals, crystals and embellishments will vary in the resin. 

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