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My Story

Hello magical soul, my name is Jordan an I'm the founder, creator, healer and spiritual teacher behind A Girl And Her Crystals. I am a certified energy healer, psychic medium and intuitive development mentor.

As a child, I was empathic, highly sensitive and intuitive which was truly one of my greatest superpowers. I remember seeing spirits, aura colours, I'd have extremely vivid visions of my past life and would have premonitions and dreams of things that would come true.

Although my gifts were incredibly misunderstood by my family and many others, my grandmother Loretta held a safe and sacred space for me to grow and flourish and is where my spirit felt most at home, grounded and connected to dear Mother Earth. Visiting her house was truly a fantasy world where all of my worries, troubles, fears, stresses and anxieties would disappear. My younger sisters and I would get lost in the mystic of her house as we were able to roam free and just be completely wild. I continued to embrace this side of me and proceeded to nurture my craft... but I chose to hide it in secrecy from my mother and father.

My grandmother was a healer at her core and she put intention into everything that she did, made and created. I learned a lot from her as she was a folk magic practitioner which blends the ancient knowledge of earth, natures energies, planetary forces, rituals, healing, herbal remedies and religious and superstitious beliefs that has been passed down for centuries by my ancestors.

She made her own holistic herbal medicines, tinctures and tea blends from plants that she grew in her garden. She also taught me the importance of self care rituals, the magical and powerful healing properties of plants and flowers, how to heal our bodies—mind, body, soul, and spirit and the importance of community and traditions. 

When she had passed away she passed the torch down onto me and this is was when I had my first spiritual awakening. She handed down this beautiful knowledge, wisdom and gift like a cherished family heirloom—one that is to be shared with humanity and is meant to be passed down to my future children.

Eventually I got to a point in my life where I suffered from severe depression, anxiety that stemmed from my childhood and health issues. It eventually became so unmanageable and debilitating that I needed to make a serious change immediately as I was exhausted and depleted of letting it control me. Majority of this discomfort and pain had to do with me holding back who I authentically was due to societal conditioning, programming and years and years of religious trauma.

I decided to start seeing a shaman at 23 years old that I was very drawn to... she offered a healing modality called energy healing. I was very intrigued and this is where my healing journey began. My first session unlocked something so deep and profound internally that I immediately felt lighter. And for the first time in my life, I was overcome with harmony and peace. This is when I decided I wanted to help others heal in the exact same way.

In 2019 A Girl And Her Crystals was born simply out of love and passion to support women on their healing and self discovery journey. It first started as an online boutique specializing in luxurious self care ritual products. I blended my skills and mastery of traditional folk magic and other healing modalities that I'd infuse into my products. From incense, to bath bombs and floral bath soaks, to divination tools and herbal teas—all designed to be used in practices of intention setting, meditation and other ritualistic practices. The roots we have are rapidly disappearing and this has become my path and journey.

As A Girl And Her Crystals began to shift, grow and evolve over the years, I felt the call to start offering energy healing sessions, readings, hosting women's circles and teaching women how to tap in and strengthen their intuitive abilities.

Not only do I hold and provide a safe and comforting space for women to heal and expand, I guide and empower them too. Whether you're releasing self doubt, supporting you through grief or heartache or you're moving through blocks in life—holding space is something that comes naturally to me. I’m incredibly honoured to be of service in this way to help women rise, rediscover themselves, reclaim their magic and power and awaken to their fullest potential to live their most authentic vibrant life.

Are you ready to rise?

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