How to Survive Mercury Retrograde

How to Survive Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is in Retrograde from January 30th until February 20th. We have been in the pre-shadow period since January 15th, and yes we will still have post-retrograde shadow hanging out and lingering around after until March 13th. Le sigh...

So what exactly is Mercury Retrograde? Mercury is the quick-moving planet that rules ALL types of communication. You may have frustrations with miscommunication, delays with travel or be frustrated with technical issues. It helps us transmit our messages by controlling both what we say and how we process what we hear from others. Your patience will definitely be tested during this time and it will either be your best friend or your enemy... but you get to decide that.

For communication, this includes listening, speaking, learning, reading, editing, researching, negotiating, selling, and buying. I cannot even begin to stress enough how incredibly important it is to be very selective and careful with the words you're using.

Your words are very powerful and potent and in a sense, a spell. This can be very impactful depending on what your intention is behind it. If you're intention isn't for the highest and greater good, it's best to just hold back and bite your tongue. This is definitely not the time to be picking fights, arguing, lashing out, causing unnecessary drama or creating problems and tension with anyone. Whether thats verbal or written, triple-check every text, email, and DM.

With travel, please be careful and take your time. Proceed with caution as you may experience travel mishaps, hiccups and delays. Set aside extra time if you need to leave the house for any essentials, leave extra room and space infront of your vehicle while driving and be on full alert and be cautious.

With electronics, issues may arise with technical meltdowns and frustrations. This could include electronics freezing, lagging, shutting down completely, files not saving, lost or just end up disappearing. The list goes on, but you get the point! I would highly recommend backing up all the things and quadruple check EVERYTHING (documents, term papers, contracts etc).

And last but not least, we can usually expect a few people to reemerge from our past again (cough, cough, our exes). This is a friendly reminder that your past is in the past for a reason. It's best to either kindly decline their offers, proposals and invites (depending on what your relationship is with them currently or how your relationship ended). Or you could easily just delete any unexpected DM's or texts from them and hit that great big red decline button on any phone calls or however on earth your ex decides to try and reach out to you.

With Mercury in Retrograde, you may feel it’s been a little bit more difficult to ground your energy with these disruptions and chaos happening. Don’t panic and have patience! 

Here are my top 5 crystals that have been helping me get through this Retrograde season! 
Black Tourmaline: grounds + protects your energy 
Hematite: removes negativity 
Lapis Lazuli: helps with communication + truthfulness 
Prehnite: strengthens + protects your aura 
Selenite: clears blocked, congested, stagnant + negative energies from your aura 

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