Feeling Is The Healing

Feeling Is The Healing

We were taught to repress and reject our shadow at such a young age. We were programmed and told:

“You could never do that/have that”
“You’re too sensitive”
“You’re disgusting”
“You’re crazy”

Sound familiar to you? Me too. Being told “you could never do that/have that” when there was something I wanted to do or a goal I wanted to accomplish. Being told I’m “too sensitive” for feeling my feels (as well as others because HELLO intuitive gifts at a very young age that I didn’t quite understand yet) and crying because I/others were sad, angry or grieving. Being harassed or criticized for embracing my sexuality. And last but not least, being told “I’m crazy” for using my intuitive gifts.

These limiting beliefs and thoughts have been programmed and recorded deeply within your subconscious mind since you were a child. The way you use language is so incredibly important and is a spell.

Are you aware of how your language influences you and those around you?
How are you talking to yourself?
How are you talking to others?
How are others talking to you?

Take a good hard look at who you’re surrounding yourself with (family, friends, co-workers, famous celebrities etc.) as well as your surroundings and environment. Now how does these people and environments make you feel? Does it come from a place of love? Or does it come from a place of mind control that you weren’t even aware of? And now that you’re aware, they have you thinking and believing that you really have to be xyz to be beautiful, sexy and successful.

Right now, collectively we are going through a MASSIVE SHIFT. We are having this “wake up call” and being asked to make a deep change within ourselves. I was talking with my friend about this shift the other day, and she said “it’s like, ready or not here I come, whether you like it or not.” And I honestly couldn’t agree more.

We are literally being shaken to our core right now. We are the ones going deep within ourselves doing this messy and uncomfortable healing work. We are the ones breaking this curse of mental programming that has been deep within either our lineage for hundreds of years or from society through the brainwashing of social media, the news, tv shows and people (friends, family, celebrities, influencers etc).

YOU are the co-creator of your life. YOU are the one rewiring and re-programming yourself to transform. It may seem uncomfortable, painful, and not easy but YES YOU CAN DO THIS! 

We are all on unique spiritual journeys through this life. We are all sharing this 1 planet we call home... working out karma and healing. Let’s lift each other up, learn from one another and teach what we know. Don’t be ashamed of what you’ve gone through or where you are on your healing journey. Give yourself the space and permission to cry it out and the comfort and love that you need. Crying is such a powerful and potent way to release, cleanse and purify of these energies that have been trapped within our body for who knows how long... weeks, months, years, lifetimes.

If you are having a difficult time on your healing path right now, please know the world needs you and your light. You are safe. You are protected. You are beautiful. You are unique. You have such magical gifts and talents to share with this world! Happiness is your birthright and you deserve to shine bright! I love you and thank you for being here —Jordan xo

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